tisdag 7 januari 2020

Habibti Ensemble - Baghdad | Live at Zappa Jerusalem

Sångerskan Tamar Bloch, med rötter i Marocko uppträder här med Habibti Ensamble. För mer information om Bloch kan man gå in här. I nedanstående video sjunger hon på hebreiska, annars tycks hon föredra arabiskan. 

För mig är detta ett litet ljus i regionens kompakta mörker dessa dagar.

Habibti Ensemble’s musical influences include both Arabic, Moroccan and Balkan roots, alongside Western contemporary music, Classical music and Jazz. The Ensemble’s new, unique sound, combines the east and the west, the new and the old, the authentic and the modern, into a fresh, extraordinary musical experience.

Habibti Ensemble first got together in Kibbutz Samar at the southern desert of Israel, in the summer of 2012. After a few months of living together in the Kibbutz, the members of the ensemble understood the musical potential of the group.Their first show was a great success, and the musicians realized that they want keep playing and creating music together.

After a wonderful year in Samar, the group decided to move together to Jerusalem, where they live and create music to this day.

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