lördag 11 september 2021

11 september tjugo år efteråt. Karen Walwyns komposition Reflections

Reflections, first recorded in 2008, is the compositional debut of Karen Walwyn, who initially began work on the piece several weeks before the tragic attacks. As she explains in her liner notes, however, the events of September 11 altered her artistic direction. 

She expanded it into a seven-movement work, with each representing a different physical and emotional aspect of the day and its aftermath. 

Her final movement, “The New and the Marvelous,” begins by leaning into musical set theory and is eventually filled with quotes and references from Haydn’s The Creation oratorio. 

“This movement is titled ‘The New and Marvelous’ because not only did many of us lose a loved one or have one injured,” writes Walwyn, “but many of us may also have lost intangible things such as our spirit, our sense of trust, and our belief in the goodness of mankind. 

Each of us may have something in our own lives that we may have wanted to re-build as a result of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001.”


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